Welcome to the site of Leadfoot Engineering and thanks for taking the time to check us out. We are a small engineering company with technologies focused on power cylinder systems for internal combustion engines (Pistons, rings, cylinders, etc). We provide engineering consulting services for engine OEM’s (original equipment manufacturers), racing organizations and other specialty engine programs for aerospace and military applications. We design and manufacture prototype pistons for our engineering customers and are currently expanding our manufacturing capabilities to serve specialty and high performance piston markets. Our engineering background is the foundation for all of our products. We work with best in class organizations with the most extreme applications to insure that our products are proven in conditions that only the hard core user can dish out. Our experience allows us to serve the piston aftermarket with advanced engineering methodologies and OEM quality levels.

Our team has significant expertise and experience in the area of piston design, development and manufacturing. We seek out 2-stroke, 4-stroke and Diesel applications with a high degree of difficulty that need the extra attention we can provide through our network of both internal and external resources. Our designs typically can create improvements in power, durability, fuel economy, hydrocarbon emissions and oil consumption. We can provide low volume billet machined parts and can create pistons from traditional forgings or castings. We can machine pistons from castings or forgings supplied by our customer for the case of prototype development. We have a low cost manufacturing partner for high volume applications.