Technical Partners

We work with best in class manufacturers of castings, forgings, rings, pins and clips that offer advanced materials and OEM (original equipment manufacturer) quality levels.  We also work with several companies with technologies that complement our product offerings and consulting services.

  • CK Engineering:
    The CK Engineering group offers custom and off the shelf equipment for measuring piston ring tension, 3Dcylinder bore finish and more.  They also offer a software package called PROMPT for modeling the gas flow process assembled oil consumption and ring motion in the piston ring package.   Harold McCormick (the founder) has long been one of my mentors and has extensive power cylinder knowledge and background.

  • Great Lakes Sound and Vibration:
    GLSV are experts in the areas of noise and vibration control.  They have exceptional analytical and experimental capabilities to optimize noise emission and resolve vibration related issues in dynamic systems.  They manufacture custom exhaust systems, vibration isolation systems and advanced suspension systems.

  • Line2Line Coatings:
    Line2Line offers a unique approach to piston skirt coating with a thicker more abradable coating that reduces friction and further optimizes the piston to bore relationship.  Multiple configurations are available for various applications and custom products can be developed if needed.

  • WIENANDT Performance Technology:
    Mike Wienandt is a two stroke development specialist. His engines have National Titles in Stock Outboard, Modified Outboard, PRO Outboard and Outboard performance Craft Racing. 84 National Titles.  Snowmobile Championship and records in Drag racing, Speed Running, Oval Racing and Vintage Racing with over 200 titles since 1978.   He has extensive knowledge in 2-stroke engine power development with 35 years of Dyno development behind him.  Mike shares our passion for performance and commitment to continuous improvement.

  • Kirk Engines, Inc:
    Dave Kirk is an engine expert with exceptional capabilities in the areas of 2-stroke exhaust tuning, bearing design and engine balance. He also provides support in the areas of fuel system development and 4-stroke valve train design. He offers an excellent blend of analytical and experimental experience and is a pleasure to work with.

  • IR Telemetrics:
    IRT provides wireless data transmission systems for extracting signals from various transducers on components that are not directly accessible like pistons, connecting rods, etc. Their technology is hardened for the most extreme environments and in our experience is the best system out there for real time measurement of piston temperature in high performance engines.