Engineering Consulting Services

Consulting Services

We offer complete power cylinder (piston, rings, pin and cylinder bore) design and development services:

  • Selection of basic architecture, material and manufacturing process
  • 3D Solid Modeling (CAD) for complete control of geometry and tooling
  • Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to minimize weight and optimize durability
  • Custom design features required to optimize a given application
  • Piston profile optimization for durability, power, hydrocarbon emissions and fuel economy
  • Resolution of performance and durability issues
    • Piston Scuffing
    • Friction Reduction
    • Ring and Groove Wear, Ring Microwelding
    • Oil Consumption, Fuel Economy, Hydrocarbon Emissions
    • Blow-by, Ring Flutter
    • Pin Bore Wear, Pin Bending and Ovalization
    • Skirt Collapse
    • Skirt cracking, Pin boss cracking, Crown or Combustion Bowl Cracking

Design & Development

  • Engine design and development support for systems that affect the piston
    • Cooling System
    • Lubrication System
    • Combustion, Calibration and Tune up
    • Cylinder Bore Material and Honing
    • Gaskets and Clamp Loads
  • Thermal and mechanical loading that causes bore distortion
    • Engine Diagnostic Support
    • Piston Temperature Measurement
    • Oil film Thickness Measurement
    • Surface Finish/Texture Measurement and Optimization
    • Piston Size and Form Inspection