Racing Pistons

We enjoy working with race teams and share their passion to compete and continuously get better. We understand that racing is much more than what happens at the track on race day. Championship caliber organizations are constantly working to get better and we do the same with our piston designs to support the changes required to keep up with aggressive engine development programs.  

4- Stroke Racing Pistons

Our NHRA prostock pistons have been in many race winning cars and were in the engines used to win the world championship in 2007 and 2008.  Our NHRA superstock hemi pistons have also been in race winning engines including the engines that won the Hemi Challenge in 2010.  We are currently developing new pistons to support racing organizations interested in pistons that are customized for their application. 

2-Stroke Racing Pistons

Our roots are deep in 2-stroke pistons and after you figure out a 2-stroke piston, all other pistons are relatively easy.  We are developing a line of 2-stroke pistons for snowmobile, motorcycle, gocart, and marine applications. The snowmobile application is one of the most challenging piston applications and our customers have made it clear to that they need a better piston.  We have developed a snowmobile racing piston for the 440 Champ oval track application and will soon follow with more 2-stroke piston options.